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Practising as an NP in Ontario

To practise as an NP in Ontario, you must be a member of the College’s Extended Class.

Only members of the Extended Class are permitted to call themselves “Nurse Practitioners” (NPs) and practise as NPs within the province. 

In Ontario, there are three specialty certificates available to NPs:

  • Primary Health Care
  • Paediatrics
  • Adult

Find more about the standards of NP practice, as well as a list of standards that all nurses in Ontario must follow, in Standards & Guidelines.

Prescribing controlled substances

NPs can prescribe controlled substances once they have completed approved controlled substances education and are registered in the Extended Class with the College. You can complete your controlled substances education during the application process or once you are registered as an NP.

Here’s a complete list of approved NP courses and programs that integrate controlled substances education.

If you don't complete controlled substances education by the time you register with the College, you won't be authorized to prescribe controlled substances as an NP. Your certificate of registration will include this restriction, and your Find a Nurse profile will indicate that you are “entitled to practise with restrictions,” specifying that you cannot prescribe controlled substances. We will also notify any employer we have on record about this restriction.


Page last reviewed May 19, 2017