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Beginning the Application Process

The application process for most Ontario nursing graduates begins when a nursing school informs the College that you are about to complete your program.

When that happens, the College will send you an application package.

The package contains an application form that must be filled out and returned to the College if you intend to practise in Ontario. This form is your first introduction to the College, so it is very important that you verify the personal information as it is printed on the form. If any information is incorrect, then use the space provided to correct it.

Requests for name changes must be accompanied by copies of legal documentation supporting the change.

Complete and sign all sections of the form, including the Declaration of Registration Requirements, and return the form with all applicable fees to the College.

Answering “yes” to certain questions on the declaration means the College will require you to forward additional information with your application, including a personal statement and supporting documentation. This information will be reviewed by the College’s Executive Director and referred to the Registration Committee, which will extend the time it takes to process your application.  

The College will begin processing your application when it receives your form and all required fees. The application fee is non-refundable, but you may be entitled to a full or partial refund of your examination fee if you choose to withdraw from a scheduled examination. 

Completing the registration process can take from three to 18 months, but this is a guideline only. It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure the timely delivery of all documentation and other information requested by the College.

Factors that may delay an applicant’s registration include:


  • You may photocopy any of the forms as necessary, and you are encouraged to keep a copy of your completed forms for your records. You must ensure that all forms are dated and signed.

  • While you can submit your citizenship documentation at any time during the application process, it is recommended you submit proof of citizenship with your application.

  • Incomplete or missing information, including missing or insufficient fees, may result in the form(s) being returned and a delay in the processing of your application.

  • Making a false or misleading statement or representation on your application or supporting documents may result in the cancellation of your application for registration and/or cancellation of any certificates that may be issued.


Page last reviewed February 20, 2013