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Initial Registration

When you have met all registration requirements, including the successful completion of the registration and jurisprudence exams, the College will send you the Initial Registration form. 

This form must be completed and returned to the College with all applicable fees.

If you are living in or have ever resided in Canada, a police criminal record check is also required if you have not already submitted one as part of your application or if a previously submitted check has expired (note that checks are only valid for six months from date of issue). To make sure your application isn’t delayed by a missing document such as the police criminal record check, don’t wait until the end of the process to apply for it.

Once the College has received all required documents and fees, your registration will be completed within 15 business days. You can confirm your registered status by going to Find a Nurse, the College’s online register, and searching for your name. 


  • If the name on any of your supporting documents is different from the name appearing on any of your forms, then please include a photocopy of your birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce decree or legal name change document with your application.

  • Correspondence and completed forms may be faxed to the College; however, we require original documents before we can complete your assessment. Copies of your original documents will be returned upon written request.

  • All applications for registration are confidential. Information about your application will be given only to you unless you provide written permission to release the information to a third party (i.e., an employer, spouse, agency or lawyer). To release information to a third party, you must send us a written and signed letter of permission or complete the Authorization to Release Information Form.

  • If during the application process the College receives any information that could affect your ability to practise nursing, it will be reviewed by the College and may extend the time needed to process your application.

  • Your application with the College will remain open as long as there is evidence of progress towards meeting eligibility requirements. If there has been no activity on your application for two years, then the College will consider the application closed. Once that occurs, you will need to submit new application forms, fees and documentation if you wish to register with the College.

  • The College makes every effort to acknowledge all written correspondence from applicants within 10 business days. If the request is one that cannot be addressed within those 10 business days, then the College will acknowledge receipt of the request and provide information about next steps.

If you have any questions about your examinations, the registration requirements or the registration process, contact the College.

Page last reviewed July 26, 2018