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In Depth: Health and Conduct

You must declare whether you suffer from any physical or mental condition or disorder that could affect your ability to practise nursing in a safe manner.

In addition, the College must have reasonable grounds to believe you will:

  • practise nursing with decency, honesty and integrity and in accordance with the law
  • have sufficient knowledge, skill and judgment to competently engage in the practice of nursing authorized by your certificate of registration
  • display an appropriately professional attitude.

To determine if you meet these requirements, the College will review all relevant information, including:

  • your responses on the Declaration of Registration Requirements form and any additional information you provide
  • historical information the College may have about you (e.g., if you are a former member of the College or a current member applying for a different certificate of registration)
  • any other information received by the College

The College keeps all information confidential except as required or allowed by law. Where required, supporting documents must be sent to the College by the proper authorities.Supporting documents that do not come directly to the College from the proper authorities will not be accepted.

The following offers information about the health and conduct questions on the declaration form, including the documents you may be asked to provide for each question that you answer with “yes.”

Physical or mental conditions or disorders

Nursing knowledge, skill and judgment

Practising with decency, honesty, and integrity and in accordance with the law / Displaying an appropriately professional attitude


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