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What is considered “nursing practice”?

I’m an RN who provides volunteer nursing services at a summer camp, but I’m not currently employed in nursing. While renewing my membership, I was asked if I had practised nursing in the past three years. Is my volunteer role considered “nursing practice”?

The College’s Am I Practising Nursing? fact sheet can help you determine whether you are practising nursing.

The fact sheet uses a three-step process. The first lists three elements that your role must include for it to be considered “nursing practice.” These are:

  • applying nursing knowledge, skill and judgment
  • applying relevant nursing practice standards and guidelines
  • having a direct or indirect effect on the recipient of a health care service

The second step helps you examine your role. Using a list, you select activities that describe what you do in your role.

In the third step, you are asked to select the type of settings in which you practise, such as acute care hospital, community health centre or occupational health services.

If your practice includes all of the elements listed in the first step and at least one element in each of the second and third steps, then you are practising nursing.

Page last reviewed August 11, 2017