January 2018

Get the numbers on nursing

The College has released our annual Membership Statistics report. It contains the most up-to-date information about our membership, plus an overview of current trends in Ontario nursing demographics and employment.

We collect this statistical information during annual membership renewal. A total of 167,254 nurses renewed their membership in Ontario for 2017. Of these, 141,317 members reported having at least one nursing employment position in Ontario. Of these members:

  • 62.7% had an overall working status of full-time

  • 29.3% had an overall working status of part-time

  • 8.0% had an overall working status of casual

Overall membership by category and class

2017 CNO nurse membership statistics

We have also updated our data query tool with the 2017 renewal information. Use the data query tool to create multi-year tables based on information we collect annually.

The College is committed to sharing knowledge about nursing human resource trends in Ontario. Find out more about our statistical resources or sign up for statistics announcements at: www.cno.org/stats.


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