September 2017

Understanding Practice Support

One way Practice Support promotes safe nursing practice is through Ask Practice. You can ask our Practice Support staff specific practice-related questions, and they can help you access relevant practice resources and suggest ways to support your decision-making.

Have you ever wondered how we develop our Practice Support resources? To help explain the process, we developed this model. 

role of practice support model

To identify resources that need to be developed, and the best way to support stakeholders in using those resources, the College uses information generated from a variety of sources, such as legislative requirements, areas of risk in practice, and stakeholder needs. For example, when we receive practice inquiries, we track trends that appear, which help us understand where there is a need for more resources. Your inquiries constantly influence the future of Practice Support.

The College then uses this information to develop standards and resources, and to support the application of those standards and your access to those resources. This creates a program that leads to protecting the public.

When developing the model, the College reviewed practice support policies of other health care regulators, conducted a literature review and consulted with various stakeholders, including:

  • nurses

  • students

  • educators

  • employers

  • associations

The Practice Support redesign is ongoing and information will appear in The Standard as the work develops. Go to Practice Support for more information.


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