April 2016

News for Nurse Practitioners

Practice standard revision
The College is revising the Nurse Practitioner practice standard and has formed an advisory group to support the development process.

The advisory group includes 11 NPs from across Ontario, representing the three specialty certificates and diverse practice sectors, areas of clinical focus and years of experience.

We appreciate the interest of the 100 NPs who applied to join the advisory group when we sent an invitation in the December 2015 issue of The Standard. Even if you were not selected, you will have future opportunities to provide feedback during the consultation phases of the project.

We also plan to seek feedback from clients of NPs and other stakeholders. The feedback from the various consultations will inform the development of the revised practice standard.

We expect to release the revised Nurse Practitioner practice standard in 2017. Stay tuned for updates and ways to get involved.

Redesigned NP page
The Nurse Practitioner section on cno.org has been redesigned to make it easier for you to find what you need for your practice.

Using an accordion-style table, NP practice information is grouped under the following titles:

  • Authority & Restrictions

  • Practice Resources

  • Membership

  • NP Practice Q&A

Explore the new Nurse Practitioners section now.


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