April 2016

College comments on RN prescribing

This past January, the College participated in a consultation that assessed possible models for RN prescribing in Ontario.

The consultation was led by the Health Professions Regulatory Advisory Council (HPRAC), who conducted broad consultations within the nursing and health care communities. The goal of the consultation was to assess three possible models for implementing RN prescribing in Ontario and recommend the model that is most appropriate.

Our response focused on risk of harm, our experience regulating nursing, implications to practice and systems, communications with the public and questions about the proposed models. In it, we highlighted several factors to consider when selecting an RN prescribing model:

In selecting and developing a model, a key consideration is that safe prescribing occurs as part of a broader continuum of care, which generally includes a health assessment, diagnosis, therapeutic management and follow-up. Prescribing does not happen in isolation.

For more information, read our consultation response letter to HPRAC.

HPRAC has submitted the results of the consultation and its recommendations to the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care.

Regardless of which RN prescribing model the Ministry chooses, we will work with the Ministry to draft regulations and we will develop mechanisms that support safe practice.

For more information on the consultation and the prescribing models assessed, visit the HPRAC website.

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