NPs can now prescribe controlled substances

On April 19, 2017, the Ontario government passed regulations that enable NPs to prescribe controlled substances if they have completed approved controlled substances education.

To ensure the public and other health professionals know who can legally prescribe controlled substances, NPs who have not completed the approved education...

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RPN in a personal support worker’s role

I am currently working part-time as an RPN. My organization is hiring a full-time personal support worker. Can I work in this role?


Yes, you can work as a personal support worker (PSW). A PSW is an unregulated care provider but your RPN status means you are regulated as a member of the College. 

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Accepting gifts from clients

My client overheard my colleagues talking about my birthday. On the day of my birthday he gave me a gift card for a local restaurant. Can I accept the gift?


To maintain appropriate professional boundaries in your therapeutic relationship with the client, you should not accept the gift. Nurses are responsible for effectively establishing and maintaining professional boundaries with clients.

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Get informed about trending topics

Looking for information about a health or nursing issue or initiative that is making headlines in mainstream and social media? Or a topic that could have a significant impact on your nursing practice? Then visit our Trending Topics web page. This section lists high profile subjects, such as medical assistance in dying, sexual abuse and NCLEX-RN. The Trending Topics page gives you quick and easy access to the...

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