April 2017

Get informed about trending topics

Looking for information about a health or nursing issue or initiative that is making headlines in mainstream and social media? Or a topic that could have a significant impact on your nursing practice? Then visit our Trending Topics web page. This section lists high profile subjects, such as medical assistance in dying, sexual abuse and NCLEX-RN.

The Trending Topics page gives you quick and easy access to the latest information on issues relevant to nursing practice and regulation. On each topic page you will find background information, frequently-asked questions, related College resources and external resources.

For example, on the Medical Assistance in Dying topic page you will find updates, news and resources, such as the clinical aids developed by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care and the federal governments’ glossary of terms.

On the Governance page, we share information about Council's approved vision for 2020 to ensure the College's board remains an effective leader and is focused on the public's needs and interests. We include the governance principles, vision, task force reports and supporting documents used to develop the vision.

We update the topic pages as more information becomes available. Check back often.

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