August 2016

Being fair about what we share

Certain information about nurses will no longer appear on the College’s public register, Find a Nurse. The College has changed the processes used to ensure that nurses suffering from physical or mental health conditions are practising nursing safely.

These changes affect information available on Find a Nurse for all nurses who previously went through the Fitness to Practise process as well as for nurses who will undergo this new process. The College will still post restrictions about a nurse’s practice on Find a Nurse, but will not post more personal health information than is reasonably necessary to protect the public interest.

We made these changes as part of our ongoing efforts to improve our Fitness to Practise processes and to meet both our obligations to our members under Ontario’s Human Rights Code and our regulatory obligation to protect the public.

You may be affected by these changes if you are:

  • a nurse going through the Fitness to Practise process

  • a nurse who has restrictions on your practice that are listed on Find a Nurse

  • an employer looking for information on Find a Nurse.

Need more information?

If you are a member: Read more about the new Fitness to Practise process. It includes information about what the College does when it receives a report from an employer who is concerned about a nurse’s ability to practise safely due to a suspected physical or mental condition or disorder. It also describes the information posted on Find a Nurse.

If you are an employer: The greatest difference you will notice is the information available about a nurse on Find a Nurse. You can read more about this here.

If you have any questions about the Fitness to Practise process, contact the College’s Monitoring Team at

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