August 2016

Is it time for Council to change?

Does the College’s Council need to change to remain an effective leader in serving the public interest? Council has been exploring this question since 2014.

The way Council is structured hasn’t changed much in 25 years, but what the public expects of health care regulators has. The best practices in how regulated health profession colleges should be governed have also changed.

Council recently asked a task force of experts to research this issue and provide recommendations before determining next steps. The task force has been reviewing international, national and provincial studies, and approaches and trends in non-profit and regulatory governance, while consulting with Council along the way.

You can read the biographies of members of the task force and their selection criteria here.

A look at the current Council
The College’s Council works the same as the board of directors of a corporation: it sets the strategic direction for the organization. Based on government legislation, Council also establishes the goals, objectives and policies for regulating the nursing profession in Ontario.

Today’s Council is made up of 15 public members appointed by government plus 14 Registered Nurses and 7 Registered Practical Nurses who are elected by Ontario nurses.

What’s next?
In September, Council will review a draft set of governance principles that the task force has prepared based on this review and consultation with Council.

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