August 2017

What you should know about Mifegymiso

Mifegymiso is a combination of medications prescribed for the medical termination of early pregnancy. The Ontario government recently announced that women with a valid health card and prescription from a doctor or NP can now get Mifegymiso at no cost at participating pharmacies across the province.

Here are answers to your questions about the medication:

Can NPs prescribe Mifegymiso?
NPs are authorized to prescribe Mifegymiso. Before prescribing, NPs must ensure they have the knowledge, skill and judgment to do so, and that they can manage all possible outcomes of prescribing the medication. When prescribing or dispensing medication, NPs are expected to apply the requirements in the Nurse Practitioner and Medication practice standards.  

RNs and RPNs who are involved in the care of clients receiving Mifegymiso are also expected to follow the requirements in the Medication standard.

What if an NP does not prescribe Mifegymiso in their practice?
NPs who do not prescribe Mifegymiso should refer clients who may require the medication to another NP or physician who is able to prescribe it. Since Mifegymiso can only be provided up to 49 days from the start of the last menstrual period, the referral should be timely.

You can find the expectations for consultation and referral in the Nurse Practitioner standard. The Ethics standard outlines the expectations for nurses when their personal values conflict with a client’s wishes.  

What educational resources are available?
NPs should consider completing the Accredited Medical Abortion Training program provided by the Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada, which was developed for health professionals who are involved in prescribing and dispensing Mifegymiso. This program is also open to RNs and RPNs who may provide care to clients receiving this medication.

Are there resources for clients?
Health Canada has set requirements for the pharmaceutical company that provides Mifegymiso, to mitigate the risks associated with this medication. These include providing prescribers with a medication guide and consent forms to give to clients, as well as a 24-hour support line for clients. For more information, visit the Health Canada website and read the Mifegymiso product monograph.


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