August 2017

The future of QA

To ensure that the College’s Quality Assurance (QA) Program continues to be the best possible model for assessing the continuing competence and quality improvement of nurses, Council has decided to develop a new QA Program for the College. With this project, called “Future QA,” Council is discussing QA themes, key principles and challenges based on evidence. The goal is to choose a new model at the December meeting.

The College will then start developing a new QA Program in 2018. Until the new program is implemented we will continue to use the current QA Program.

You can find an overview of the project in Quality Care, the new page in the Trending Topics section on our website. The page offers background information and purpose, plus a timeline for key milestones in 2017. It also includes resources that have been presented to Council to help generate discussion and develop a future model for the QA Program.

After Council chooses a new QA Program model, we will be looking for feedback. If you are interested in providing input, please go to the Quality Care page, and fill out the QA Program Feedback Form under the “How can you get involved?” link. 

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