December 2016

Comment on additions to draft NP practice standard

We would like your feedback on new content about controlled substances in the draft Nurse Practitioner practice standard. 

To comment on the new content, first read the draft Nurse Practitioner practice standard then give your feedback on the lines shown in red font by completing the feedback form by Thursday, Jan. 5, 2017.

The new content reflects the proposed changes to regulation to allow Ontario NPs to prescribe controlled substances. Prescribing controlled substances is a high risk activity. We want to make sure the Nurse Practitioner practice standard supports safe, ethical and effective practice when the proposed regulation becomes law.

Thanks to the over 1000 people who provided feedback in September on an earlier draft of the practice standard. We used your feedback to inform this new draft.

To learn more about the proposed regulation change, read “Have your say: NPs' authority to prescribe controlled substances.”


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