December 2017

New entry-level competencies for NPs take effect

On Monday, January 1, 2018, new national competencies for NPs will come into effect.

The Canadian Council of Registered Nurse Regulators developed the new NP competencies. They regularly review and update entry-level competencies to reflect current practice. We shared the details of the new competencies in December 2016 to give stakeholders, such as universities, time to prepare.

The Entry-Level Competencies for Nurse Practitioners are used across Canada and are the benchmark for the knowledge, skill and judgment an NP must demonstrate for safe, ethical and effective practice.

With the ultimate goal of protecting the public, the College uses them to:

  • approve NP education programs

  • assess the education of individuals applying to become registered as an NP

  • approve entry-level exams for NP registration

  • assess the continuing competence of NPs

  • inform the development of standards of practice for NPs.

The new competencies are reflected in the current Nurse Practitioner practice standard. They will be used to assess Ontario NP education programs when they are reviewed in 2018.

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