February 2017

2020 Vision: College governance

Council is working to achieve a new vision for governing the College by 2020. The proposed model aims to promote public trust and support public confidence in nursing regulation.

This will require some changes, including:

  • a 12-member board made up of six members of the public and six nurses

  • board appointments that are based on members demonstrating governance competencies identified by the board

  • committees composed of public and professional members who are not on the board and who are appointed based on competencies related to each committee’s legislated function.

These changes can only be realized with changes to current laws. However, Council will look at ways to modify aspects of governance that do not require legal changes. For example, they will seek to create a public advisory group.

This new vision for governance is the result of extensive expert, evidence-based and best-practice review. Read more at Governance Vision 2020.

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