February 2017

NPs, complete your controlled substances course

To prepare for upcoming regulation changes that will enable NPs to prescribe controlled substances, we emailed all NPs about the controlled substances education requirement in the regulation.

To date, more than 2,500 NPs have completed, or are completing, the education. If you are among the 600 NPs who have not started the education, you have until Friday, Mar. 10, 2017 to complete the education and ensure there is no restriction indicated on your profile on Find a Nurse.

Answers to your questions
Thank you for your questions and feedback about the proposed changes. Your feedback will inform Council and government’s decisions. We will also consider them when developing policies and processes to support this anticipated change to NPs’ scope of practice.

In the meantime, here are answers to some of your questions:

Q: Will the regulation take effect on Mar. 10, 2017?

A: No. March 10 is the deadline for NPs to complete the required education in preparation for when the regulation takes effect. We are working with government to implement the proposed regulation by the end of March. We do not know the exact date but once we know, we will inform all stakeholders through email, Facebook and our news page at www.cno.org.

Q: Why is March 10 the deadline to complete the required education if government is expected to pass the regulations by the end of March?

A: The March 10 deadline gives universities and the College sufficient time to complete necessary processes after you take an approved course. If you complete the course after March 10, we cannot guarantee that these processes will be finished before the regulation changes. Once the regulation takes effect, if we do not have evidence you have completed an approved course, the College will place a restriction on your profile on Find a Nurse.

Q: How will the new Nurse Practitioner practice standard and controlled substances prescribing authority affect the jurisprudence exam?

A: NP applicants will have a new jurisprudence exam when the regulation enabling NPs to prescribe controlled substances is in effect. This updated exam will reflect the new Nurse Practitioner practice standard and the controlled drugs and substances prescribing authority. If you are planning to write the exam on or after the regulation is in effect, you will write the updated exam, which is based on the new NP jurisprudence competencies.

If you are writing the NP jurisprudence exam before the regulation changes, or if you are writing the exam for RN and RPN applicants, you will not be affected.

Q: When will the College release the new Nurse Practitioner practice standard?

A: Subject to Council’s approval on Wednesday, Mar. 8, 2017, we will release an advance copy of the new practice standard on Friday, Mar. 24, 2017. NPs will not be accountable for practising to the new standard until the regulation changes authorizing NPs to prescribe controlled substances come into effect.

Until regulations change, NPs will be held accountable to the current Nurse Practitioner practice standard.

For more information about controlled substances, the proposed regulation and education requirements, read NPs and Prescribing Controlled Substances.

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