2016 membership suspension notice

The December 31 deadline has passed for nurses to renew their membership for 2016 without incurring additional fees. Nurses can still renew by going to Maintain Your Membership; however, additional fees now apply. Suspension notice letters were sent on Wednesday, Jan. 6, 2016 to...

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Advocating for your client

One of a nurse’s roles is to advocate for client-centred care plans. The following provides answers to questions nurses have around advocating for clients’ choices:

What does the College mean when you say "a nurse is accountable for advocating for the client’s choice?"

We mean that since you provide care that addresses clients’ wishes or needs, you are aware when a client’s wishes are not being met. This puts you in a position to advocate...

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Q&A: Objecting to care on moral grounds

Can I object to providing nursing care to a client when I feel the care is in conflict with my personal beliefs?

The Ethics practice standard discusses what a nurse should do when faced with an ethical dilemma. For example, if your personal values conflict with situations such as, physician assisted dying, abortion or harm reduction. First, you must consider your professional...

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