Renew your membership and avoid suspension

If you haven’t yet renewed your membership with the College for 2017, you will be charged a late fee when you do.

Nurses who have not renewed their membership by Tuesday, Feb. 21, 2017, will have their memberships suspended. This means they will not be able to practise nursing in Ontario until they pay all fees owed to the College.

They must also complete the online renewal form and provide the College with a valid email address.

The College will revoke the memberships of nurses who have not renewed or resigned by Thursday, March 23, 2017.

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Regulation changes affect entry exams and declaration of nursing practice

On Dec. 21, 2016, the Ontario government released changes to the registration regulation...

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Update: NPs’ authority to prescribe controlled substances

The College is currently consulting on proposed regulation changes that would enable NPs to...

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Get a jump on your 2017 Learning Plan

It’s time to get started on creating your annual Learning Plan for the College’s QA program.

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Join a Program Approval focus group

The College is developing a standardized Program Approval framework to evaluate all entry-level...

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New Practice Support intake form

The College has developed an intake form for you to use when submitting your questions to the Practice Support team.

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Comment on new psychotherapy document

There is psychotherapy, and then there is the controlled act of psychotherapy. The controlled act is the component...

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Emerging trends in nursing

The College is one of seven members of the International Nurse Regulator Collaborative (INRC).  The INRC promotes understanding and cooperation in developing standards to protect the public.


INRC also develops position statements about emerging trends in nursing, which you can read on the College’s website. While you can use these position statements for your information and research, the College only holds you accountable for practising according its standards and guidelines.


Here is a brief description each INRC position statement:


Inter-jurisdictional nursing practice The position statement, Practice Location and Inter-Country Nursing Practice, outlines INRC’s view on practice location and inter-country nursing practice. It focuses...

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