January 2017

Get a jump on your 2017 Learning Plan

It’s time to get started on creating your annual Learning Plan for the College’s Quality Assurance (QA) Program. Your involvement in QA is a continuous requirement throughout your career as a nurse.

Your Learning Plan should include SMART learning goals. Remember, the first step to developing your SMART learning goals for 2017 is to reflect on your practice and get feedback from peers. This will help you identify your strengths and learning needs.

If you have goals that you didn’t accomplish in 2016, ask yourself, Why? Are the goals suitable for 2017, or have your learning needs changed?

For a list of resources you need to complete your Learning Plan, go to Quality Assurance (QA) program.

If the College selects you for Practice Assessment, you will receive a letter in February. One of the requirements of the selection will be to submit your Learning Plan for 2017 to the College.

Special note for NPs
In anticipation of regulation changes that will enable NPs in Ontario to prescribe controlled substances, NPs must base learning goal #3 on this expanded scope of practice. 

For example, in developing your goal you could reflect on prescribing controlled substances to your clients, or understanding the unique risks associated with substance misuse or diversion.

For more information about the proposed regulation changes, read Have your say: NPs’ authority to prescribe controlled substances.


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