Your largest response ever

In the June issue of The Standard, we asked for your input on proposed changes to the registration regulation. The response was remarkable — almost 1,600 people and groups gave feedback.

“We believe the survey format and electronic distribution were instrumental in making this the most responded to consultation ever,” said Kevin McCarthy, Director, Strategy.

“This is the first time we’ve sought feedback on proposed regulation changes since The Standard became an online magazine. When it was a printed magazine, we included consultation material as an insert in the magazine and asked respondents to send an email to the College.”

Despite the consultation period being 30 days shorter than normal, the College received feedback from 1,022 nurses, 204 applicants, 190 members of the public (an unprecedented public response), 83 educators, 83 other stakeholders (mostly nursing students) and 15 nursing employers.

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Changes to privacy law: What nursing employers need to know

While the College holds nurses responsible for understanding recent changes to the Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA), employers and facility operators should also be aware of their obligations under the new law. Recent amendments to the PHIPA make it mandatory for employers...

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Q&A: Can I co-sign prescriptions for Americans?

I received a letter from a Canadian mail-order pharmacy offering me financial compensation to co-sign prescriptions for Americans so that they may have their prescriptions filled in Canada. As an NP, what are my accountabilities in this situation?

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Q&A: What’s in a name?

I’m an RN working in a long-term care home. As part of my role, I’m responsible for supervising unregulated care providers (UCPs). When interacting with clients, I think UCPs should call themselves nurses since most clients are unfamiliar with the terms “UCP” and “PSW”...

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