July 2017

RN prescribing progress report

The College has started the work required to enable RN prescribing. We recently wrapped up an exploratory survey sent to a random sample of 9,000 Ontario RNs. We will use the results to guide our work on this change to RN scope of practice.

Last week, we heard from a number of RNs who were misinformed about the purpose of our survey and other aspects of the College’s work on RN prescribing authority. Read the correct information here.

The College is responsible for ensuring that RNs who prescribe have the knowledge, skill and judgment to do so safely. We are committed to providing the proper regulatory oversight to protect the public’s right to safe nursing care, while supporting the goal of improving access to medication through RN prescribing.

Over the coming months, Ontario nurses will have opportunities to give feedback as we consult with a broad range of stakeholders, including RNs. We will inform you about these opportunities through our website, The Standard and Facebook

Council will discuss RN prescribing at each of its future meetings and will review evidence and feedback from consultations over the next several months.

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