June 2016

Outgoing Council President’s Message

On June 9, 2016, Nancy Sears, RN, wrapped up her year as Council president, with Megan Sloan, RPN taking over the role. In the message below, Nancy reflects on her past year:

Leading on

As I pass the reins of CNO Council president to Megan Sloan, I look back on my past year as president with a mix of satisfaction, awe and humility.

I ended the year with the same passion and vigor with which I started. Having been a nurse for almost four decades, I am deeply committed to this profession and the good it can and does do for patients and for society.

As part of CNO’s Council, I have seen firsthand the dedication the nurse and public members bring to the governance of the nursing profession. I have worked with Executive Director Anne Coghlan and the talented CNO staff and experienced the wealth of their regulatory knowledge. And, working with my nursing colleagues, I have experienced the value CNO’s efforts bring to nurses and, most importantly, to the public.

I thank those responsible for trusting me with this leadership role. It is with great expectations and confidence that I leave the guidance and continued good governance work of the Council in Megan’s capable hands.

Nancy Sears, RN
Council President (June 2015 to June 2016)

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