June 2016

Where your money goes

Your annual membership fee supports the cost of regulating nursing in the public interest, which includes registering applicants, developing practice documents, administering a Quality Assurance Program, providing information about practice and addressing concerns about conduct. Almost 87 percent of the College’s revenue is generated by membership fees.

Over the next few years, resources will be allotted to a number of initiatives including:

  • investing in technology to increase the efficiency of processes

  • approving nursing education programs

  • expanding the Quality Assurance Program

  • launching and operating the Nurse Health Program, a treatment and monitoring program for nurses with substance use and mental health disorders.

The following information describes the College’s expenses for 2016 according to areas of operations:

Council and Committees (0.7%)

Supports Council, committee meetings and elections.

Executive Office (4.5%)

Provides strategic leadership to College operations, policy support on regulatory issues, and support to Council and committees.2016 expenses

Professional Practice (11.6%)

Develops and articulates standards of practice and entry-to-practice competencies. Provides member consultation services and administers the QA Program.

Professional Conduct (23.0%)

Responds to issues about nurses’ practice, conduct or health via resolution or investigation processes, and supports the prosecution of the most serious cases of professional misconduct at public discipline hearings. Monitors compliance with committee orders and ensures that the College’s register is up-to-date.

Knowledge Management (22.6%)

Generates and shares knowledge, including communication with members, employers, the public and the media through publications and the website. Maintains the College’s records, produces membership statistics and conducts statistical analyses. Implements and maintains the software and technological infrastructure to support College functions.

Corporate Services (22.8%)

Provides customer service to members, applicants and the public. Supports College operations through building maintenance, finance, office services, hearings administration and human resources.

Revenue 2016

Applicant and Member Services (14.8%)

Assesses applicants and registers those who qualify. Renews ongoing members, and supports online renewal and the members' section of the website.

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