June 2017

Comment on proposed changes to evaluation fees

The College is proposing changes to the evaluation fees it charges applicants who want to register as nurses in Ontario, and changes under related by-laws.

To comment on the proposed changes, read the details below and email the College at bylaws@cnomail.org. Deadline: midnight on Friday, Aug. 18, 2017. 

Details and rationale

When a person applies to be a nurse in Ontario, the College may need to evaluate whether their nursing program and experience is equivalent to a Canadian nursing program.

The College sets the fees for these evalautions with the aim of cost recovery and fairness to all applicants.

Below is a breakdown of, and rationale for, the proposed changes to Section 2.06 (i), (ii) and (iii) in the bylaw:

RN applicants who need an alternative to the evaluation provided by a third-party

The College is proposing a $500 fee for RN applicants who need to be evaluated directly by the College when a third-party evaluation cannot meet certain language or accomodation needs. (See bolded items under 2.06 in the box below.)

Rationale: For RN applicants, the evaluation of nursing knowledge, skill and judgment by a third party is only offered in English. French language applicants who are unable to complete a third-party evaluation in English must be provided with a fair alternative option. As well, the third party may not be able to meet certain accommodation requirements. The proposed fee reflects the College’s costs for conducting the additional in-depth individual evaluation of these applicants. The cost is higher than the corresponding evaluation fees for RPNs and NPs because the costs are spread over very few applicants. For example, in the past four years, the College has had three applicants use this service.

Removing the fee paid to a third party to evaluate an RN applicant

The College is proposing removing from the by-law the fee that the third-party evaluator, Touchstone Institute, charges to English language applicants. (See the crossed-out items in the box below.)

Rationale: The College has been advised to list in its by-laws only fees that it charges directly.

2.06 The fee for an evaluation conducted directly by the College under:

i) sub-subparagraph 1 iii B of subsection 2(1) of the Registration Regulation

is $500.00;

a) $200.00 for an evaluation conducted on or before October 31, 2015

b) $400.00 for an evaluation conducted after October 31, 2015;

Evaluating RPN or NP applicants

The College is proposing an increase from $200 to $225 for evaluating both English and French language RPN and NP applicants’ nursing knowledge, skills and judgment. (See items ii and iii in the box below.)

Rationale: This proposed increase will cover cost changes driven by:

  • introduction of a software tool the College uses to check for plagiarism

  • inflation over the three years since this by-law was first approved

ii) sub-subparagraph 1 iii B and subparagraph 1 v of subsection 3(1) of the Registration Regulation is $200 $225; and

iii) sub-subparagraph 2 iv B of subsection 4(1) of the Registration Regulation is $200. $225.

To comment on the proposed changes, email the College at bylaws@cnomail.org. Deadline: midnight on Friday, Aug. 18, 2017.

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