June 2017

Questions about Wettlaufer

The Elizabeth Wettlaufer case is receiving much media attention. So why hasn’t the College responded to all the questions?

This is not by choice, nor is it motivated by a desire to protect the College’s reputation. In fact, we are prohibited by various laws (intended to protect the public) from disclosing certain information.

We would like to be able to release information about a member to the public when there is compelling public interest, such as in this case. That is why we recently asked for changes to the confidentiality requirements in the Regulated Health Professions Act, 1991.

We take our mandate to protect the public very seriously. We are committed to responding quickly to any information that indicates patients may be harmed by a nurse’s actions. However, until these laws change, we are bound by the existing confidentiality requirements.

For what we can share at this time, read our most recent News statement.

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