March 2016

Declaring recent practice
“in Ontario”

In response to feedback from nurses and other stakeholders, the College is exploring a change to the requirement that members have recent nursing practice in Ontario.

The law currently requires members of the College to declare that they have practised nursing in Ontario in the last three years. If not, they have to move their registration to the Non-Practising Class or resign.

In December 2015, Council reviewed evidence related to this issue and asked staff to look at removing this requirement from law. Later in 2016, the College will present to Council a proposed draft regulation to remove the requirement for recent nursing practice “in Ontario.” If Council believes the proposed regulations are in the public interest, you and other stakeholders will have an opportunity to provide feedback before they are sent to the Ontario government for approval.

Until the law is changed, members must comply with the current declaration of practice requirements.

NOTE: The only change being explored is the removal of the recent practice “in Ontario” requirement – when renewing their membership, nurses will still be asked if they have practiced nursing in the last 3 years. If they have not, the outcomes will be the same as they are currently.

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