March 2016

Physician-assisted death: A guide for nurses

Do you need to understand your professional accountabilities related to physician-assisted death? Read Physician Assisted Death – Interim Guidance for Nursing in Ontario.
(Update: On July 29, 2016, the interim guidance document was replaced with Guidance on Nurses' Role in Medical Assistance in Dying.)

On June 6, 2016, the laws related to physician-assisted death will change. The College created the document to support nurses until the federal and provincial governments provide further direction. It includes information about:

  • The status of physician-assisted death in Ontario while we wait for laws to change on June 6, 2016

  • How patients may apply to have access to physician-assisted death before June 6 and what you should know and do if asked to participate in the process

  • Other resources that will guide you and help you determine your accountabilities as a nurse

The document is based on information that is available at the time of publishing. You should regularly check the College’s website for updates.

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