March 2017

How we create standards

A key function of the College is to protect the public interest by developing standards of nursing practice. Practice standards reflect the benchmark for how a competent nurse should perform. They reflect the values, principles and expectations of nursing practice. They also inform nurses about their accountabilities and let the public know what to expect from nurses.

Have you ever wondered how we create them?

Our work to develop standards is influenced by factors such as: laws, government policy, public interest and confidence, nursing practice, members, stakeholders, College Council and committees, and societal and health care context.

The development process involves the following activities:

  • exploration

  • research and analysis

  • development

  • consultation

  • approval

  • knowledge-sharing and implementation

  • monitoring and evaluation

These activities can occur in multiple phases at once. It is also common to move back and forth among phases.

The main goal throughout the process is preventing and reducing public risk. Assessing risk during each activity helps us to focus the standards on the public’s expectations for safe, ethical and effective nursing care.

Read Developing Standards for more information.

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