March 2017

Reporting our registration practices

Read the 2016 report about the College’s registration practices. Every year, we send this report to the Office of the Fairness Commissioner.

It includes information, such as:

  • changes to our processes

  • data related to registration

  • statistics about applicants and their education

  • College resources for applicants

The report further highlights how changes (such as registration requirements, assessments, and training for staff, Council and Committees) affect applicants. For instance, last year’s registration changes led to unlimited attempts on the NCLEX-RN for RN applicants. As a result, applicants no longer need to complete a new RN program to become eligible for further attempts.

Another change reported is that the Canadian Practical Nurse Registration Examination became computer-based in 2016. The College developed online information, webcasts and other resources for applicants and educators about the new format. This resulted in a lower exam fee for RPN applicants, and decreased administrative costs for the College.

If you are interested in statistics, read the report for details such as the number of membership applications the College processed in 2016, or where applicants obtained their initial nursing education.

The Office of the Fairness Commissioner is a government agency set up to ensure the registration processes for regulated professions and compulsory trades in Ontario are transparent, objective, impartial and fair.

For more information about the College's registration processes, read Registration Guides.

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