May 2016

Trouble accessing Find a Nurse?

If you are having difficulty accessing Find a Nurse, it may be because you need to update your web browser.

In September 2015, the College updated its website security protocols to ensure payments made though the website are secure. If you’re using an older version of a web browser, you may have trouble accessing parts of our website such as Find a Nurse and Maintain Your Membership.

To have full access to our website, you should use one of the following web browsers (or a higher version):

  • Internet Explorer - IE 11

  • Safari - Safari 7

  • Chrome - Chrome 43

  • Firefox - Firefox 39

  • Opera - Opera 20

Contact your information technology (IT) department or IT service provider if you need help updating your browser.

If you have updated your browser and you are still unable to access Find a Nurse, try using a different computer in a different environment. For example, if you’re currently trying from work, try from home instead.

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