Expanding NP prescribing to include controlled substances

The College is actively working with the Ontario government to draft regulations that will enable Ontario NPs to prescribe controlled substances. In December, Council will review the draft regulations and decide if they can be circulated to nurses and stakeholders for feedback.

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Can I distribute naloxone?

Q: The clinic where I work has started stocking naloxone for distribution to clients who are at risk for opioid overdose. As a nurse, am I authorized to distribute naloxone to clients?

A: Nurses are permitted to distribute naloxone when it is indicated for emergency use for opioid overdose outside hospital settings.

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Signing prescriptions with “as per…”

Q:  I’m an RN working in a family physician’s office. The other day, Dr. Smith asked me to give a client a new prescription on her behalf because she was busy with another client. She instructed me to write the prescription and sign my name followed by, “as per Dr. Smith.” Can I do this? 

A: No, you cannot sign the prescription as the physician requested. Even if you write “as per Dr. Smith,” signing your name would mean you...

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