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Hilda Dinsmore GI05854

The College alleged that the Member engaged in professional misconduct by: being found guilty of an offence relevant to her suitability to practise for defrauding a banking institution using a forged document as if it were genuine; and misappropriating cheques from a client and attempting to deposit the cheques into her personal bank account. 

The Member did not attend the hearing but admitted to this conduct at her criminal proceedings.  

The Panel found that the Member engaged in professional misconduct as alleged.    

Counsel for the College submitted that revocation of the Member’s certificate of registration was the only appropriate penalty as the conduct included elements of deceit, was dishonourable, and involved a breach of trust with respect to vulnerable clients. The conduct also was repetitive and intentional. 

The Panel accepted the College’s submission on penalty and ordered that the Member’s certificate of registration be revoked. 

The Panel reasoned that revocation fell within the appropriate range of penalties in cases with similar circumstances, would help restore public confidence in the profession and would serve as a general deterrent to members of the College, showing that fraud for personal gain would not be tolerated. 

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Page last reviewed December 18, 2017