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Lee Ann Eno GD17934

Allegations and Plea

The College alleged that the Member: failed to maintain appropriate therapeutic boundaries with a client’s spouse between 2004 and 2009; solicited, accepted, and failed to repay sums of money from the client’s spouse on five occasions between 2005 and 2009; and that this conduct would be regarded as disgraceful, dishonourable, or unprofessional.

The Member admitted the allegations. The College and the Member jointly submitted an agreement to the following facts.

Agreed Facts

The Member worked in a long term care home offering both residential and extended care. She worked as a full-time nurse on the day shift.

The Client became a resident at the Facility in 2002. She suffered from dementia, hypertension, and Alzheimer’s disease. The Member provided care to the Client during the Client’s time at the Facility. The Client was visited by her spouse almost daily during the five years she lived at the Facility, until her death in 2007.

In 2004, while the Client was still a resident at the facility, the Member invited the Client’s spouse to dinner by giving him a note that stated:

Would you like to have dinner with me on [date]. I will pick you up around 5:30. You pick the place. Love, Lee.

The Client’s spouse kept a detailed diary of his daily activities. He documented that he and the Member met regularly outside the Facility between 2004 and 2009. He and the Member had coffee, had dinner at his home, and went to social events together. The relationship between the Member and the Client’s spouse was not sexual or romantic in nature; rather, it was a close platonic friendship.

On five occasions between 2005 and 2009, the Member accepted sums of money from the Client’s spouse totaling in excess of $50,000.00, and failed to repay these sums of money.


The Panel found that the facts supported a finding of professional misconduct, and that the Member’s conduct would be considered disgraceful, dishonorable, and unprofessional.

Submissions on Order

The Member signed an undertaking to permanently resign as a member of the College and agreed not to reapply for membership with the College at any time in the future. In light of this undertaking, the College and the Member jointly sought an order requiring the Member to appear before the Panel to be reprimanded within three months.

Panel Order

The Panel concluded that the proposed penalty is reasonable and in the public interest. It clearly indicates to members of the profession that conduct such as this is not acceptable. The Member will not practise nursing in the future, and the Panel’s findings will be available on the public registry. The Panel concluded that provides general and specific deterrence.

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