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Allegations and Plea

The College alleged that the Member: left a shift early and failed to transfer accountability of the clients assigned to her; failed to report on clients assigned to her; and failed to ensure that her Charge Nurse role was covered for the remainder of the shift. The College alleged that this conduct would be regarded as disgraceful, dishonourable or unprofessional.

The Member admitted to the allegations, and the College and the Member jointly submitted an agreement to the following facts.

Agreed Facts

The Member worked on a mental health unit at the Facility. During one of the night shifts when she worked as Charge Nurse, the Member took her 90-minute combined break at the end of her shift and left her shift approximately 1.5 hours early. Although she did advise two RPNs that she was leaving, she did not notify the Manager or ask the other RN on duty to assume the role of Charge Nurse for the remainder of the shift. An RPN informed the Manager that the Member had left.

The RPN who worked with the Member on the unit delivered the transfer of care report for the Member’s clients.

Three of the seven nurses scheduled to work the day shift called in to advise that they could not make it into work. As Charge Nurse, it was the Member’s responsibility to approve replacement of staff.


The Panel found that the Member committed professional misconduct as alleged, and that the Member’s conduct would be regarded as unprofessional. The Panel noted that the Member failed to meet the standards of practice.

Submissions on Order

The College and the Member presented the Panel with a written undertaking, in which the Member agreed to permanently resign as a member of the College and not apply for membership at any time in the future. In light of the undertaking, the College and the Member jointly sought an order requiring the Member to appear before the panel for an oral reprimand to be carried out within three months of the date of the Order.

Panel Order

The Panel accepted the joint submission as reasonable and in the public interest. The Member accepted responsibility for her actions and cooperated with the College by agreeing to the facts and proposed penalty. The penalty satisfies the principles of general deterrence and protects the public.

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