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Alexander A. Naval - 7041213

The Member admitted that he engaged in professional misconduct by failing to participate after being selected by the Quality Assurance Committee for practice assessment and contravening a standard of practice of the profession for the same conduct. The Member admitted that his conduct was unprofessional. 

The College and the Member presented the Panel with a Joint Submission for an Order that the Member appear before the Panel to be reprimanded. The College advised that the proposed Order was appropriate because the Member had signed an undertaking to permanently resign from the College. 

The mitigating factors were: the Member’s age, the fact that the Member had retired from practice, resigned from the College, and entered into a formal undertaking with the College to never reapply for registration as a nurse in Ontario or any other jurisdiction. The aggravating factor was the Member’s failure to respond to the College despite repeated opportunities to do so. 

The Panel accepted the Joint Submission and ordered the Member to appear before the Panel to be reprimanded. 

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