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Angie Joan Gauthier-Degrace Brant

The Application

The College received an application for reinstatement from the Former Member whose certificate of registration was revoked by the Discipline Committee on October 15, 2003. The decision to revoke the Former Member’s certificate was based on a series of criminal convictions, including four counts of fraud and one count of false pretence with the intent to defraud; and the Former Member’s failure to disclose these convictions to the College.

The Member was neither present nor represented by counsel at the hearing.


 The Former Member participated in an initial prehearing conference in January 2015, but submitted no supporting documents as required and did not respond to College correspondence.

College Counsel highlighted a pattern of non-attendance in the Former Member’s past dealings with the Discipline Committee. The Former Member did not attend her initial discipline hearing, nor a prior reinstatement hearing in 2005, and that application was dismissed on the basis that no evidence was led in support of the application.

College Counsel submitted copies of an email exchange from August 2015, which confirmed that the Former Member was aware that the hearing was proceeding and that she did not intend to participate.

Panel Order

The Panel ordered that the Former Member’s request for reinstatement be dismissed.


In any reinstatement hearing, the onus of establishing suitability to be reinstated is on the Former Member. Due to the absence of any supporting evidence, the Panel dismissed the application for reinstatement. It was unnecessary for the Panel to hear evidence or submissions from the College regarding the Former Member’s suitability to practise.

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