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Member of public elected president of College’s Council

For the first time in its 54-year history, the College’s Council has elected a public member as its President. Dalton Burger, a practising lawyer and law professor, will assume the role in June. 

Mr. Burger believes his election demonstrates the College’s commitment to being leaders in ensuring the public is the focus of its work and decisions. 

“There is strong collaboration between the nurse and public members who make up the Council,” says Mr. Burger. “Having a member of the public in this position affirms the foresight the profession continues to show in its efforts to maintain trust and confidence in nurses. It demonstrates how well the public and 175,000 nurses in Ontario work together and the mutual respect they have.” 

Mr. Burger was elected to the role at Council’s March meeting. He has been a public member of Council since 2014, serving on numerous committees, including those related to patient relations and investigations. He will hold the position of President for one year beginning June 7, 2017 when CNO’s Council is next scheduled to meet. He will replace the current President, Megan Sloan. 

Cheryl Evans, was elected to service as Vice President (Registered Nurse) on the Council’s executive committee. She sees maintaining public trust as an issue that cannot be taken for granted. 

“Public trust is not limitless,” says Ms Evans. “The nurses we regulate serve in a health care system that is complex and dynamic, and currently significantly strained. For the profession to thrive and for the public to be best served, it will need to change and evolve, and this will require our regulatory body to be nimble, adaptable and visionary.” 

Connie Manning who has been a front-line nurse for 35-years, was elected Vice President (Registered Practical Nurse). She is looking forward to being part of shaping the future of nursing. 

“I work with the public every day. I know their struggles and I want nothing but the best quality of care for patients,” states Ms Manning. “I want to lead by example, and teach young nurses to hold their profession to the highest of standards.” 

Also elected to the Council’s executive committee were Cheryl Barnet (nurse member) and Cathy Ward (public member).

Page last reviewed February 02, 2018