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NPs and ordering ultrasound

On Jan. 1, 2018, NPs gained the authority to apply and order ultrasound. This includes any ultrasound that uses soundwaves to produce an image or other data. We are revising content in the Nurse Practitioner practice standard to reflect this new change.

Previously, NPs could only order ultrasound based on a list. The new authority eliminates this list. However, subsequent changes have not yet been made under the Health Insurance Act and Independent Health Facilities Act. This means that the province insures only ultrasounds to the abdomen, pelvis and breast. Additional ultrasounds that NPs are able to order are not insured at this time.

Government is working on the necessary changes to ensure all diagnostic imaging NPs are authorized to order are insured services. We will update the website and stakeholders when more information is available.

Visit www.cno.org/np for more information about NPs ordering ultrasound including new Q&As.

Page last reviewed January 11, 2018