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Our 2017 Annual Report is out

Every day, the College works to advance public protection in Ontario by influencing healthcare regulation. Read about some of the ways we do this in our new 2017 Annual Report

Titled “Leading in Change,” the report highlights just some of the work the College did in 2017 to uphold patient safety:

  • making sure RN prescribing is safe
  • protecting patients from sexual abuse
  • ensuring NPs have the education needs to prescribe controlled substances
  • changing the way we deliver practice support services to nurses
  • piloting a new process for ensuring graduates are ready to practise safely 

To help explain what we do, the College speaks directly to the public in this report. As well, it is more visual than ever before, using infographics to tell the College’s stories. We created the infographics using just some of the data and evidence-based information that the College collects.

View the 2017 Annual Report now

Page last reviewed June 07, 2018