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New Privacy Policy easier to use

CNO has developed a new Privacy Policy describing the ways we share and protect your personal information. To make it easier to absorb, we’ve written it in Clear Language and with a user-friendly format.

The Privacy Policy replaces CNO’s Privacy Code. It features new sections highlighting CNO's website and social media practices. The new policy tells you what to be aware of when you visit links from our website to third-party sites. It also encourages you to re-view the different privacy policies that social media platforms have before providing any personal information.

As well, the Policy explains the steps we take to keep your personal information secure. For example, we only use your personal information for the reason we collected it, un-less you provide consent.

In developing the new policy, CNO worked with an external privacy expert. We looked at how different teams share information outside of CNO, what kind of security is in place and how we track information about visitors to this website. To make it easier to navigate, we’ve linked sections of the policy together. We’ve also used Clear Language to make it easy to understand.

Read the complete Privacy Policy. If you have questions, send an email to: privacyof-ficer@cnomail.org.

Page last reviewed September 18, 2019