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Unregistered Practitioners

From time to time, the College of Nurses receives reports that individuals who are not nurses may be seeking employment in nursing or holding themselves out as persons qualified to practise in Ontario as a nurse, Registered Nurse, Registered Practical Nurse, or Nurse Practitioner. 

Employers are strongly encouraged to use Find a Nurse to verify the membership status of every nurse they employ directly or through an agency.

The following names represent only those individuals who have come to the attention of the College. Contact the College if you are aware of any of these individuals actively seeking employment or working in the nursing profession.  

Toronto region (GTA)

  • Ashkani, Shiva
  • Blagrove, Cheryl
  • Cortez, Ximena
  • Cowan, Calvin
  • Goldman, Joella
  • Hemlow, Lynn
  • Jamal, Salima
  • Jusenovski, Bega
  • Pettle, Susan Jane
  • Roppel, Steven
  • Szilasi, Susan
  • Vendittelli, Luanne

Hamilton region

  • Ayres, Edna
  • Delmore, Betty Jane
  • Flett, Carolyn Anne
  • Gascoyne, James John
  • Inman, Christine Eleanor
  • Pontin, Paula

Ottawa region

  • Cleroux, Brigitte a.k.a. Brigitte Marier
  • Davis, Susan
  • Max-Lino, Marion
  • Talbot-Brisson, Mary Joanne Ireanne

Other regions

  • Erskine, Laura (Saint George)
  • Bellisle, Lisa (Orillia)
  • Bennett, Sonia (London)
  • Gauthier, Angie Joan (Trenton/Bellville/Kingston)
  • Hackett, Rosalea Jeanette (Hensall, Huron County)
  • Saravjit, Kaur (Brampton)
  • Leslie-Johnston, Jacqueline (Kitchener/Waterloo)
  • MacDonald, Dagmar (Brockville)
  • Mansfield, John (St. Catharines)
  • Milne, Jessica (Midland)
  • Okello, Eva Donna Akinyi (Stratford)
  • Sorrell, Sharon (Windsor)
  • Reeves, Debra Ann (Lindsay)
  • Walsh, Randall a.k.a. Joseph Walsh (Guelph/Niagara)
  • Walker, Brenda Grace (Cornwall)
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