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  • Temporary Class: Terms, Conditions and Limitations

    The member shall practise the profession only within the facility mentioned in paragraph 4 of subsection 5(1) of Ontario Regulation 275/94 under the Nursing Act, 1991, and only within the scope of his or her employment with that facility. The member’s practice must be monitored and directed by a member of the College holding a General or Extended...

  • Special Assignment Class

    The Special Assignment Class is an option for nurses who have an appointment as an RN or RPN with an approved facility in Ontario.

  • Extended Class

    The Extended Class is for RNs who have additional education and clinical experience that allows them to practise as Nurse Practitioners.

  • CNO to start work on RN prescribing

    On June 28, 2017, CNO received a letter from Dr. Eric Hoskins, Minister of Health and Long-Term Care, directing us to start the work necessary to enable RN prescribing. “As you are aware, the government has passed the Stronger, Healthier Ontario Act (Budget Measures), 2017 which, amongst other things, provides the authority for RNs to prescribe...

  • Government changes will eventually lead to RN prescribing

    On May 17, 2017, the Ontario government approved changes to the Nursing Act to permit RNs to prescribe medication according to a list, and to communicate a diagnosis for the purpose of prescribing medication. Although the government has approved changes, RNs do not have the authority to perform either of these activities until the College makes...

  • Non-Practising Class: Terms, Conditions and Limitations

    The member shall not engage in the practice of nursing in Ontario. The member shall not be considered in breach of this term, condition, or limitation if: The member is engaged in continuing education or remediation directed by a committee or a panel of a committee of the College, approved by the Executive Director or as required to obtain the...

  • Practice Guideline: Independent Practice

  • Medical Assistance in Dying – FAQs

    Frequently asked questions about Medical Assistance in Dying.

  • Draft_RegistrationRegulation for circulation- COMM.pdf

  • Non-Practising Class

    The following are responses to commonly asked questions about the Non-Practising Class. General Questions What is the Non-Practising Class? Membership in the Non-Practising Class gives current or former members of the College’s General or Extended classes who are not currently practising nursing the option of maintaining their registration...

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