Discipline Committee

The Discipline Committee holds hearings in cases in which an RN, RPN or NP has been referred by the Inquiries, Complaints and Reports Committee because of the serious nature of the alleged professional misconduct and/or incompetence.

The committee hears evidence regarding each case and decides whether to dismiss the allegations or find that the member has committed professional misconduct or is incompetent. If the member is found guilty, the committee orders an appropriate penalty, the most severe being revocation of one's Certificate of Registration.

If a nurse's certificate is revoked, the person may not use the title RN, RPN or NP, hold herself or himself out as a nurse in providing service, or undertake any controlled act.

The Discipline Committee has established rules and guidelines that govern the hearings process. Committee decisions are published in The Standard and available online.  

Discipline Committee Members 2018-2019

Grace Fox, NP, Chair
Laura Caravaggio, RPN*
Margarita Cleghorne, RPN*
Dawn Cutler, RN
Renate Davidson, PM
Tanya Dion, RN
David Edwards, RPN*
Catherine Egerton, PM
Carly Gilchrist, RPN*
Debbie Graystone, NP
Terry Holland, RPN
Carolyn Kargiannakis, RN*
Lina Kiskunas, RN*
Dale Lafontaine, PM
Mary MacMillan-Gilkinson, PM

Linda Marie Pacheco, RN*
Honey Palalon, RN*
Tania Perlin, PM
Desiree-Ann Prillo, RPN
Heather Riddell, RN*
George Rudanycz, RN
Michael Schroder, NP*
Heather Stevanka, RN*
Sherry Szucskobedard, RN*
Devinder Walia, PM
Terah White, RPN
Chuck Williams, PM
Ingrid Wiltshire-Stoby, RN
Christopher Woodbury, PM

* Appointed committee member

Discipline Committee 2017 year end report

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