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Fitness to Practise Committee

The Fitness to Practise Committee determines whether a nurse is suffering from a physical or mental condition or disorder that is affecting, or could affect, her or his practice. If a nurse is found to be incapacitated, her or his certificate may be revoked or suspended, or have specific terms, conditions and limitations attached to it for a given length of time.

The Fitness to Practise Committee has established rules and practice directions that govern the hearings process.

Fitness to Practise Committee Members 2017-2018
  • Chuck Williams, PM, Chair
  • Candace Bretzer, RPN*
  • Renate Davidson, PM
  • Cathy Egerton, PM
  • Ashley Fox, RPN
  • Barbara Frayne, RN*
  • Fotyne Georgopoulos, RPN*
  • Mary MacMillan-Gilkinson, PM
  • Jennifer Mitton, RN*
  • Christine Noels, RN*
  • Kathleen Patterson, RPN
  • David Remy, RN*
  • Sheelagh Rutherford, RN*
  • Sarah Schell, RPN*
  • Fern Tarzia, RN*
  • Naomi Thick, RN
  • Marg Tuomi, PM
  • Kari Van Camp, NP*

* Appointed committee member

Fitness to Practise Committee 2017 year end report

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