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The College of Nurses of Ontario supports health human resources stakeholders through the collection and release of nursing data. The College continually reviews the data it collects and, based on internal business needs, external requirements and quality improvement initiatives, will occasionally make changes to the data collected. These changes often do not alter our reporting environment but, on occasion, changes require the College to re-examine how it reports nursing data. In 2011, the College significantly modified how it collects nursing employment data by requiring members to provide full details on all their employers and by revising its list of employment settings. This allows for greater understanding of the employment profile of members; however, comparisons to employment data collected before 2011 are no longer possible. These changes also mean that the College's current data query tool could not accommodate the new data structure. As a result the College developed two new tools to allow stakeholder to gain access to this enriched data set.

Note: The data query tool only includes data from the General and Extended Classes.

Member Demographics Tool

Nursing Employment Positions Tool

Member Demographics and Nursing Employment Positions Tool

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