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Championing the public: 2016 Annual Report

The College has just released its 2016 Annual Report called “Championing Safe Nursing Care.” In the report, you’ll find information about much of the work Council and staff accomplished last year. 

The articles highlight the ways the College has strengthened its efforts in collaborating, making effective decisions and being accountable. All three of these areas support our mission to regulate nursing in the public interest.  

“The College of Nurses of Ontario is here for [the public],” says Anne Coghlan, the College’s Executive Director and CEO, in the report. “We’re working hard to anticipate change and ensure your safety is at the forefront of the standards we set and uphold.” 

The Annual Report emphasizes issues that affect the public most. For instance, it describes how the College sought public feedback to help shape regulatory changes to support safe NP prescribing of controlled substances. 

The report’s style and content reflect the College’s commitment to public safety. It is written with the public in mind, using an open tone and accessible language. As well, you’ll see our work come alive with photos and quotes from people who have been involved with our processes. 

See the 2016 Annual Report 

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