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Quality Care

Here’s what we’re doing with our Quality Assurance Program to support nurses with their continued learning.

The College maintains a Quality Assurance Program to meet its mandate of protecting the public by making sure nurses are taking responsibility for practicing nursing safely throughout their careers. All 26 regulated health professions in Ontario are legislated to establish and maintain such a program.

So, what exactly is the College’s Quality Assurance (QA) Program? It’s a mandatory program where all nurses are accountable for actively updating their knowledge and skills. You can learn more on our QA Program page.

In March 2016, the College’s Council – which establishes the goals, objectives and policies of the College according to the governing legislation – and the College’s Leadership Team participated in a Quality Assurance workshop. They explored the purpose of a QA Program and future trends, and it was decided that Council would lead the development of a new QA model for the College.

Council has called this project “Future QA.” As of yet, this project doesn’t affect the current QA Program.

At each of the four Council meetings in 2017, Council members will review different reports and evidence, listen to experts in Quality Assurance and continuous learning and provide their feedback. The objective is that Council will choose a new model for the QA Program by the end of the year.

We will start developing the new QA Program in 2018.

These are the resources that have been presented to Council to help generate discussion and develop a future model for the QA Program.

March 2017

June 2017

September 2017

December 2017

We are consulting with our stakeholders and looking for feedback throughout 2017. If you are interested in providing input as Council develops the new QA Program, please fill out this form.

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